Sunanda Sunil

Sunanda Sunil is a 14 year old girl with exceptional talent and mental abilities gaining wide recognition and popularity for her skills. She studies in 8th standard at Chitrakoota School, Bengaluru.

Her mother, Mrs. Divya Sunil, is a home maker and Heartfulness Meditation Trainer. Her father, Dr. Sunil S, is a Professor and Head at a Dental College, Founder and  Chief doctor at Care ‘n’ Concern Family Dental Clinic, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru and a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer.

Sunanda Sunil has world records in various mental disciplines, such as:

  • Ambidextrous writing
  • Blindfold activities
  • Upside-down book reading 
  • Memory sports

Her unique abilities in leg writing has attracted praise from many audiences.

Apart from these remarkable accomplishments, Sunanda Sunil has to her credit the below credentials –

  • She has received global recognition for her exceptional skills with the Global Child Prodigy award.
  • She was a Kho-Kho Juniors State level team player was state runner-up in 2022.
  • She fared extremely well in skating, winning around 25 medals and awards from club level till national level. 
  • She was Bangalore No.1 and Karnataka’s No.2  player of the year in 2017.
  • She is an Access Consciousness practitioner who helps people achieve joy, greater clarity, peace and awareness.
  • She is a practitioner of Generative energetic dentistry called “Happy Mouth”, which develops a healthy mouth.
  • She specializes in Zentangle and Mandala arts for creating beautiful art pieces.
  • She maintains a YouTube channel by name, ‘Sunanda Sunil’, showcasing her activities, insights on mental abilities and personal growth.
  • She is very good at academics and loves making a lot of friends.
  • She has hobbies like book reading, playing the Keyboard, watching TV and being a food lover.

She is getting popular for her achievements and serving as an inspiration to many people around her.  She continues to make positive impact on many kids & adults alike. 

"A young prodigy known for exceptional memory and mental abilities".

Sunanda Sunil
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