Unique Skills & Accomplishments

Ambidextrous writing

Ambidexterity is the ability to use both of your hands equally, whether it’s something more advanced such as hand lettering or calligraphy or as simple as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Some famous examples who can write in both hands are Albert EinsteinBenjamin FranklinNikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci.

Sunanda Sunil started practicing writing in 2 hands with her younger brother Sahaj Sunil during 1st wave after watching YouTube videos of Veena Vadini School. Her mother Mrs. Divya Sunil was instrumental in inspiring both kids to try something different & interesting. Surprisingly both kids developed the art of writing with 2 hands with ease in a short time.

The first world record was set by writing in ten different styles using both hands.
YouTube link –  https://www.facebook.com/449286631910833/posts/1697437443762406/?sfnsn=wiwspwa

Within a span of 2 to 3 months Sunanda Sunil achieved mastery in 12 different styles of ambidextrous writing, which are as follows:

  1. Upside Down Writing Style 
  2. Mirror Upside Down Writing Style
  3. Hetero Linguistic Writing Style (writing 2 different languages in 2 hands at a time)
  4. Blindfold Writing Style
  5. Left Hand Speed Writing & Right Hand Speed Writing
  6. Hetero Topic Writing Style
  7. Mirror Writing (Replica of the same word)
  8. Exchange Writing Style
  9. Unidirectional Writing Style
  10. Dancing Style of Writing
  11. Reverse Running Writing Style
  12. Opposite Direction Writing Style


Blindfold activity involves performing various tasks by blindfolding oneself. Sunanda Sunil performs few such acts while blindfolded. They are as follows –

  • She can write with one hand while blindfolded.
  • She demonstrates her exceptional ability of ambidextrous writing while blindfolded.

In January 2021, she set three world records showcasing her unique mental abilities. 

The second world record was set for solving the Brainvita Marble Game blindfolded.

Unique Reading Skills

The third world record was set for reading a book upside down.
YouTube link – https://www.highrangeworldrecords.com/?s=Sunanda

Sunanda Sunil has showcased her unique talent of upside-down reading, where she can read a book while holding it upside down. A video of her impressive feat can be found at YouTube.

Sunanda Sunil is known for her ability to read a book from a mirror, known as mirror image reading. She has shared a video of this impressive talent in her YouTube channel.

Sunanda Sunil has taken her reading skills to the next level by combining her talents of mirror image reading and upside-down reading. She can read a book upside down from the mirror.

Leg Writing

Leg writing using her right leg

Writing with both right leg and left hand.

Upside-down writing style using my right leg

Rubik Cube

In addition to being able to easily solve 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 Rubik cubes, she has created National flags of 30 countries using a 5×5 Rubik cube.

When she is not solving Rubik cubes, she enjoys spending her free time reading books, watching TV and Instagram reels.

Access Consciousness

  • Sunanda Sunil has received training to be a practitioner of an international modality ‘Generative Energetic Dentistry’. The course is called ‘Happy Mouth’, which helps an individual create a healthy & aware mouth free of diseases.
  • She has been trained in another transformative modality called ‘Access The Bars’.
  • She is also a practitioner of ‘Access The Foundation’, an internationally acclaimed modality. Sunanda Sunil is able to create a sense of peace and joy not only in her own life but also in the lives of others with these 3 modalities.

Brighter Minds

Enriching young minds (Program from Heartfulness Institute for children)

Sunanda Sunil has successfully completed the ‘Brighter Minds Alpha’ course, designed to enrich the minds of young learners. The course provides children with tools and techniques to enhance cognitive functioning, instil confidence, and achieve personal excellence. She has been practicing the brain exercises learnt during the course, which have helped her to sharpen her mind and stand out as an individual with unique capabilities.