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World Memory Championship (Global Finals) Dec 2022- Results declared on 21st January 2023

Telecast on 19th December 2022 at 7pm

Telecast on 29th October 2022 at 11pm
Power TV Channel

Telecast on 27th October 2022 at 9pm
Power TV Channel.

Telecast on 23rd October 2022 at 10pm
News First Channel

Three world records in Memory in October 2022 - Memorized 540 Binary numbers in 5 minutes

Memorized 104 Common Nouns in 5 minutes.

Memorized 260 Random Numbers in 5 minutes.

Three world records for other mental abilities in January 2021

  1. Blindfolded Brainvita Marble Game Solving.
  2. Upside Down Book Reading.

World Record for Ten different styles of Ambidextrous Writing (writing in both the hands)

Child Prodigy Award Announcement Video

World records for Upside Down Reading and solving Brainvita Marble game blindfolded

Paper Clippings

Times of India (Bengaluru Edition) on Monday, 10th October 2022

Times of India (Mysore Edition) on 10th October 2022

Indian Memory Championship 2022 Press Releases on 6th October 2022

Business Standard

ANI South Asia’s leading multimedia news agency.

Daily Hunt

Paper Clippings

Vizhuthugal Media- Sunanda Sunil photo in Tamil Channel.

Ratnagiri Times on Thursday, 6th January 2022

Tarun Bharat – Sunanda Sunil photo in Goa Daily Newspaper.

                                       Singpao Newspaper